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In early days the great Abbey of St Martin at Tours had the privilege of coining money, and the City of Tours retained its mint till 1723. Its livres tournois, sols tournois, and deniers tournois were worth rather less than the livres, sols, and deniers minted in Paris. Until October 1834 the tournois coinage remained the legal currency in Jersey. Fines inflicted by the Court were always reckoned in livres tournois. The Extentes show how the value of this livre varied when compared with sterling. In 1331 it was worth 3 shillings; in 1668 1s 6½ d; in 1730 1/5; in 1749 1/4; in 1833 9¼ d. Of the lesser coins 12 deniers made a sol; 20 sols made a livre.

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