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Thirteen days after the arrival in Jersey of the Ariadne the Lord Beresford, a wooden paddle steamer, appeared. Built in 1824 by William Scott, at Bristol, she was of 155 tons and 100 feet in length, with two 35 hp engines from the Neath Abbey works.

Lord Beresford had two masts and was schooner rigged, being named after Jersey's Lieutenant Governor. She was owned by 21 shareholders: John Westwood, Robert Masterman (Commander), Mathew Amiraux and 18 Southampton businessmen.

These shares were sold in 1826 to Robert Collyer (customs register) who had held the subscription book at the public meeting of 1821. Later the Lord Beresford was owned by the British and Foreign Steam Navigation Company, running for 19 years on the Channel Islands station and in the summer making trips to France. She was transferred to Bristol in 1843 and ran for 20 years from Swansea to Ilfracombe, being broken up in 1863.

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