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To the various branches of the Le Marquand family already established in Jersey by the end of the 18th century was added a family newly emigrated from Guernsey in about 1800. Jean Marquand was a member of the long-established family in the sister island which had abandoned the prefix Le from its name a long time earlier.

Jean was known as Marquand in Jersey, and that was how his son Jean, was baptised, but old habits die hard and in Jersey he was often known as Le Marquand.

When his son, another Jean, was baptised, both father and son were recorded in the baptism register as plain Marquand, but the third Jean also became known as Le Marquand, and his son Jean Nicholas was recorded as Le Marquand when baptised.

The picture was complicated still further because Jean Nicholas was also known during his lifetime as Le Marchant and Le Marchand, which seems to be the variation of the name which his descendants eventually settled on.

THe family remained until the 20th century at Haut du Rondy, St Mary, and descendants still live elsewhere in the parish.

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