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Miss Julia Westaway by Thomas Maguire. Oil on canvas from the Town Hall collection. A half length portrait of Miss Julia Westaway, seated wearing a black dress and reading, a small vase of roses sits on the table. Dated 1898. Miss Westaway (1820-1901) was a great benefactress to Island charities and was well known during her lifetime for her financial generosity both locally and abroad, supporting, for example, the Jersey Home for Boys. In her will, she created funds to help the poor of the island. One of these funds set up a crèche and day nursery and another provided clothes and books for elementary school children. After her death, however, her nephew contested the provisions in her will, but fortunately for the Jersey community he lost the case and her charitable intentions were met. Maguire was a portrait painter who later became Lithographer to Queen Victoria and exhibited many pictures at the Royal Academy. The restoration of the painting was sponsored by Securicor in 1996. (Sophie Gorman, 2009)
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