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Nicolas Hastein, Bailiff of Jersey ca 1298

The Hastein (or Hasteyn) family were prominent in Jersey at the end of the 13th and early in the 14th centuries. There are records of William Hasteyn holding the office of Jurat in 1274, Nicholaus Hastein in 1324 and Adam Hastein in 1362.

J A Messervy shows Nicolas Hastein as Bailiff in or around 1298, and suggests that he might have been the same Nicolas Hastein shown as Bailiff in a contract of 1315, although there were clearly others in the role in between. He further suggests that he may be the same person as a Nicolas Hasteyn, mentioned as Bailiff in English Assize Rolls of 1 May 1327, 29 September 1330 and 2 April 1331, held in the Public Record Office.

This, however seems unlikely, and appears to be contradicted elsewhere in Messervy's Société Jersiaise Bulletin article on Bailiffs, for he writes that between 1309 and 1331 nobody held the office permanently but that it rotated among a number of Jurats of the time. It is, of course, possible that this process was in use in the late 13th century, which might explain the relatively short periods of office apparently served by some Bailiffs. But, between the record of Nicolas Hastein around 1298, we find the apparent ten-year-plus term of Philippe Levesque, and the first record of a Nicolas Hastein as Jurat is in 1324, which makes it seem unlikely that this was the same Nicolas in office in 1298

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