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Nicolle family page

This is a surname of very long standing in Jersey, with records going back to the 14th century


Col Nicolle

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The Nicolle family at La Fontaine, Ville a l'Eveque, Trinity about 1900

Origin of Surname

The name is derived from the baptismal name Nicolas. The family has been established in Jersey and Guernsey for many centuries.

Early records

This is a large Jersey family of long standing, one branch of which has been in Jersey since the 13th century or earlier. A distinct family arrived from England in the 15th century. John Nichol was Master Warder of Mont Orgueil and Bailiff in 1494. His descendants adopted the local spelling.

The Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550 contains 11 Nicolles.

  • Guillotine Nicolle was born in Jersey in 1410
  • In 1331 Colin held land in Saint Martin and Saint Mary and Thomas held land in Saint Brelade;

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

This family has no connection with the ancient Seigneurs of Longueville, of the same name, but appears to have existed in the island from the period of the disjunction of the Channel Islands from the Duchy of Normandy.

In 1331, Colin Nicolle held two bourees of land in the Parish of Saint Martin, and one in that of Saint Mary, while Thomas Nicolle held a bouree in Saint Brelade, as appears by the Extente of that year.

The name is found, too, at a remote period in Guernsey, one of the earliest Bailiffs of that island being of this family. Hence springs the branch of Nicol of Penrose, county Cornwall, as appears by Lysons, and also by a pedigree of the Cornish section exemplified in the Harleian MSS., No. 1051.

The original branch of this house, so long settled in its ancestral Parish of Saint Martin, and co-representing most of the influential families of the island, is there represented by Edwin Henry Nicolle, eldest surviving son of the late Frederick Nicolle, surgeon; a younger branch, descended from a member of the parent stock, who settled in Grouville, and whose descendants were subsequently located for several generations in the Parish of Saint John, is represented by Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Nicolle, of Midvale, Saint Helier.


  • Nicolle, 1331
  • Nichole, 1402
  • Nycolle de La Cornee 1477
  • Nicole 1309
  • Nicoll
  • Nichol

Family records


Family trees

All our Nicolle trees have been reviewed in 2019 and, although some questionable relationships have been confirmed, and others amended, there still remains more doubt and discussion over some Nicolle trees than those of any other family. Inconsistencies undoubtedly remain to be corrected


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As borne by the late Frederick Nicolle) : Azure, three crescents, or.

Quartering : Or, in the dexter chief a round shield, azure, charged with a knight on horseback, spear in rest, in full career, all argent, for Bandinel

Gules, three escallops in bend, argent; on a chief of the second, a martlet, sable, for Stallenge

Azure, a bend, argent, between two pelicans' heads, erased, or for Horman

Azure, three crescents, or, a mullet for difference, for Nicolle

Gules, three buckles, or, in chief, a crescent, argent, charged mth a label of three points, for difference, for Mallet

Gules, a fesse, dancette, or, in chief, two roses, argent, for Cornet

Gules, three escallops, or, a fleur-de-lis for difference, for Dumaresq

Sable, three dolphins, embowed, argent, for De Bagot

Argent, three trefoils, slipped, sable, for Payn

Gules, four fusils, conjoined in fesse, a crescent in base, for difference, for De Carteret

Ermines, a cross-bow, in pale, drawn and charged with an arrow, all argent, for Larbalestier

Or, three cherries, gules, stalked, vert, for Messervy

Or, on a chevron, vert, three hawks' heads, erased, of the field, for Crafford

Azure, a chevron between three eagles, argent; a chief, gules, fretty of the second, for Gaudin

Argent, a double-headed eagle, displayed, wings inverted, sable, armed, gules, a mullet for difference, for Collas

Impaling : Argent, a beehive, surrounded with bees, all ppr, for Beatty.

Crest : A falcon, belled, rising, ppr.

Motto: Essorant victorieux

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Family gravestones

Nicolle grave in St Lawrence Church cemetery

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