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The Town of St Helier, was published as a book in 1931 by La Société Jersiaise, in memory of their former honorary secretary, the book's author, Edmund Toulmin Nicolle.

The text of the volume was found among the papers left behind by Nicolle and described on publication as the draft of a lecture. It would have been a long lecture, because this is more than a comprehensive history of Jersey's capital town from the earliest times to the end of the 18th century. It is as much a history of the whole island and the people who have lived there.

We are pleased to be able to reproduce in Jerripedia all 24 chapters of a book long out of print, and very difficult to find in the specialist books market.

Chapter 1 - The site of the town Chapter 13 - The streets of the town
Chapter 2 - Saint Helerius Chapter 14 - General condition of the people
Chapter 3 - The early inhabitants and the influence of the Church Chapter 15 - Trade
Chapter 4 - The Priory of St Helier Chapter 16 - The Royal Court and public morals
Chapter 5 - The general condition of the people Chapter 17 - Police control
Chapter 6 - The Chapels of La Madelaine and Notre Dame des Pas Chapter 18 - Superstitions and social regulations
Chapter 7 - The growth of the town Chapter 19 - Regulations for the welfare of the people
Chapter 8 - Elizabeth Castle Chapter 20 - Social functions
Chapter 9 - The establishment of Protestantism Chapter 21 - Development of the town
Chapter 10 - The town in the 16th and 17th centuries Chapter 22 - Shipping
Chapter 11 - The Court House Chapter 23 - Modern developments
Chapter 12 - The parish church and town houses Chapter 24 - General review
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