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Noel family page

The Noel family has been present in Jersey from the early 14th century to the present day


Marie Ann Noel, née Gaudin


George Edward Noel

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Mrs Noel

Origin of Surname

The family name developed from the given name Noel, which is the French word for Christmas, dating back to before the 10th Century. It is a name which has been commonly used for boys born at Christmas.

The word is derived from the Latin natalis via Gallo-Roman natale and ancient French nouel.

The Noel family were recorded in Staffordshire in the 12th century and were very distant ancestors of the Pauletts who were Governors and Bailiffs of Jersey in the 16th century.

The name is common in Normandy, with Hugo Noel being recorded in 1198.

Early records

The name appears in Jersey in the Assize Roll of 1309. Baptism records start in the last decade of the 16th century, but there are other earlier records of the following:

  • Julian Noel was born in Jersey about 1525. His daughter Katherine (1552- ) married Hugh Perchard
  • Nicholas Nouel was born in St Martin about 1569 and married Catherine Mallet, daughter of Philippe and Frances Baudains. Nicholas died in 1625. He and Catherine had a son Noel (1595-1645) and daughters Thomasse (1600- ) and Catherine (1603- ).
  • Noe married Pauline Guerdain on 20 December 1626. They had five sons, Nicholas (1630-1638), Nicholas (1640- ), Aaron (1638-1638), Denis (1633-1692) and Aaron (1644-1686) and a daughter Marthe (1628- ).
  • Denis married Esther Le Breton and the second Aaron married Elizabeth Filleul on 20 December 1676. They had a son Philippe (1678-1688) and a daughter Marthe (1680-1749).
  • Elizabeth Noel, who married Michel Horman in St Martin on 4 December 1601 was born about 1574
  • Edmund Noel was born in Jersey about 1587
  • Clement Nouel was born in Jersey about 1590 and married Elizabeth Perchard in St Martin in January 1615
  • Jeanne Noel was born in St Martin in about 1590 and married a Le Riche on 21 November 1611 in that parish
  • Philipine Noel was born in St Saviour, Guernsey in about 1579 and died there in April 1647. She was the daughter of Louys and married Colas Thoraude in 1601.


  • Noel, 1299
  • Noe
  • Nouel, 1309
  • Nowell
  • Naull
  • Noell
  • Nowill

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Walter Francis Noel (1878-1948) with his wife Beatrice Ada, nee Renouf (1881-1956) and their three children

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