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St Sampsons


St Saviours

Les Lorier

Les Lorier (The Laurels)was a farm as far back as at least 1520 when it was home to the Thoraude family. In 1520 it was being farmed by Jean Thoraude and his four sons. The farm stayed within the family at least up until the 1901 census. On many of the baptismal records for St Saviour it is listed as the birth place for many of the family since parish began in 1547 under the deict following the Reformation of the Church by King Henry VIII.

La Forge du Carrefour

Situated at the crossroads along the rue des Prevosts stands an old forge which has recently been converted into a home. It was bought in 1796 by Charles Torode from James Martin and his wife Anne Gallienne. Charles Torode made the weather vane on top of St Saviour Church in 1875. It was worked by several of the Torode family as a forge up until 1946, whn following the death of Charles Mauger Torode it was sold to Jean Louis Gasdoue and his wife Euphrosine Adele Lanoe. At that time the estate was administered by Walter John Torode and his children, and was occupied by Mary Ann Torode and her husband Francis La Ruez. It was after the final purchase that the forge was dismantled and the proerty turned into a home.

Le Gron

In the occupation of the Blondel family since 16th century, when John Blondel son of Thomas of Haut du Groin married Michelle Henry of Le Gron in 1526. Though sold and repurchased at various times it was finally sold by Nicholas Blondel, father of the clockmaker, to Pierre de Lisle.

Les Raies

Les Raies was purchased by Helier Blondel in the 17th century from the Le Ray family, hence the name. In 1846 Thomas Blondel described as of Rées.

St Andrews

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