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Old School House, St Martin


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Property name

Old School House


Rue des Alleurs, St Martin

Type of property

Former school building, converted to residential


Sold for £2,225,000 in 2009

Families associated with the property

None identified

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This school and associated house form an attractive group and retain their character, proportions and some historic features externally. They contribute to the rural setting in the context of this cluster of dwellings.

Of historical interest as an example of a small rural school, which opened in 1885. Celebrated artist Edmund Blampied attended as a pupil. Soon after the turn of the century the school closed and the schoolroom became a fire station. During the German Occupation the cottage was occupied by Ukrainian soldiers and the schoolroom was used for their armoured cars.

After the war the property became a working farm and the main schoolroom was used as a potato store. Converted to residential in the 1990s.

Single storey school hall to southwest with house adjoining to north. 20th century extension to east. Single storey detached outbuilding to north. Further 20th century outbuildings to north.

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