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Peter Hemery, photographed by Mullins

Peter Hemery was born on 11 January 1813, and baptised on 23 January 1813. On 18 September 1840 Peter fought a duel over a broken engagement at Gorey with Lt D Herbert of the 77th Regiment, who arrived from Guernsey. Jno de St Croix was Peter’s second. No one was hurt.


On 21 September 1840 Peter went away to France. On 13 November 1840 he made a purchase at Bordeaux for Hemery Brothers. On 21 December 1840 he returned home, having been away three months. He had more trouble over women – on 25 May 1843 Clement records in his diary that Peter was horsewhipped by a young man named Bean about his sister.

Frances (Fanny) Hemery


He married Frances Maria Leila (Fanny) Hunt in 1845. She was the niece and adopted daughter of Colonel Hunt, and was born in Ireland in 1823. She was considered ‘rather skittish’ by the family. They had five children. They lived at Landsdowne, Millbrook, St Lawrence, a house built in 1704 and demolished around 1880, when the present house on the site was built. He was also president of the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society.

He was a Colonel in the Royal Jersey Militia. He died in 1873. The Weekly Express newspaper of 25 November 1873 reports his death on 'Tuesday last' at Elm Bank St Saviour, after a 'protracted illness he bore with Christian fortitude'. The paper added 'He will be missed by many friends and flags were flown at half mast'.

He apparently left no will, and Clement his brother was given power of attorney to act for Peter's son Clement William, who was by this time living in Australia. Under Jersey law he was left a commercial property in Mont Millais and some land in Grouville. There was a 'partage' of the property and Clement William received a portion allotted by the court.

Peter Hemery, photographed by Mullins in his Militia uniform

Census returns

The 1851 Jersey census records Peter and Fanny living at 6 The Terrace, St. Helier, his occupation recorded as wine merchant. Clement William and Emily are 3 and 2 years old respectively, and the household has three servants, Jane Pascoe aged 24, cook, Catherine Mallet, aged 27, housemaid, and Maria Pearce aged 26, nurse. All these were English born.

In 1861 Peter, his occupation given as wine merchant, is living in the house with his wife and son and three daughters. They have a visitor, Emily Saunders, aged 21, and four servants, Nathanael Dyers, aged 30, born in Wiltshire, coachman, Eliza Ann Collas, aged 50, born in Jersey, cook, Harriet Morrish, aged 31, born in Devon, ladies maid, and Mary Simon aged 22, born in Jersey, house maid.

In 1871, Peter, his occupation listed as Colonel of Militia and merchant, lives with his wife and two unmarried daughters, including one born since the last census. He has as a visitor his daughter Emily with her husband Robert Bentley and their daughter Emily. Now there are five servants, Margaret Desosoll, aged 23, born in Chepstow, Virginie Dumont, aged 30, born in France, housekeeper, Caroline Hathman, aged 48, born in Bordeaux, cook, Julia Percival aged 20, born in St. Helier, housemaid, and Frederick Young, aged 24, born in Devon, coachman.

In the 1881 census Fanny Hemery and her daughter Alexandra are living at 1, Les Chalet, Queens Road St Helier, with 2 servants, Elizabeth Mountain born 1865 Jersey, and Susan Rose born 1844 Jersey.

Fanny died in Colchester in March 1910 aged 88.

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