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Philip Gosset Pipon


Philip Gosset Pipon was a career Army officer who rose to the rank of Honorary General and Colonel Commandant of the Royal Artillery


He was the fourth son of James Pipon, Seigneur of Noirmont and Elizabeth Dobbyn Hodges, daughter of Nathaniel Hodges. Born at Noirmont Manor on 11 April 1824, he died at La Motte House, St Helier, on 5 November 1905; and was buried at St Saviour.

He was educated at St Mannelier School, and then went to Woolwich. In 1842 he entered the Royal Artillery, and his battery went to Canada, where he married in 1849 Sophia, daughter of John Ashworth, Deputy Assistant Commissary-General of Quebec.

On his return to Europe he was stationed at Fort George in Scotland, and was then sent to the Crimea, taking part in the whole campaign from 1854 to 1856. He took part in the engagements at Bulganac, Mackenzie`s Farm, the capture of Balaklava, the Battle of Alma and the Siege of Sevastopol. For this he received the Crimean medal with three clasps, the Turkish and Sardinian medals, and also the order of the Medjidie.

His next post was Ceylon, from where he returned with his family via the Cape in 1864. The next few years he spent in Canada, and was awarded the Fenian medal for the part he played in the suppression of that raid in 1866. In 1870 he was in Ballincolig, near Cork, and in 1874 went to Barrackpore as Colonel commanding a Brigade. He received the CB for his services, and returned from India in 1876 to Woolwich, where he held the post of Inspector and Purchaser of Horses for the Artillery for five years. He was promoted Major-General in 1880 and Lieutenant-General in 1881.


On his retirement in April 1886 with the rank of Honorary General, he settled in Jersey with his family at La Motte House. In 1892 he was appointed Colonel Commandant of the Royal Artillery.

His wife predeceased him in 1897. He left two sons, both of whom settled and married in Canada, and two daughters who died in Jersey in 1939 and 1940.

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