Pictures of the Jersey Battle of Flowers 1921-1939

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Jersey Battle of Flowers 1921-1959

Hidden album

The first set of pictures below are from a family album found in an attic and sent to Jerripedia in summer 2018. They show views of the Battle of Flowers when it was held at Springfield Stadium. Those for which dates are known were taken in 1932 or 1933, and we suspect that the remaining pictures were taken in those years, or soon after. Some, however, appear to date from 1938.

A very good friend of Jerripedia, who sent us several albums of photographs from that era, containing photographs of a large variety of subjects, all taken in Jersey, told us that the albums were assembled either by her grandfather or great-grandfather, both of whom, she says, were actively involved in the Battle in the years between the two World Wars, either as participants or in administrative roles.

Although some of the pictures in the albums were clearly the work of amateur photographers, others appear to have been taken by professionals, and we immediately suspected that the prolific commercial photographer Albert Smith, or one of his employees, was responsible for some of those below. This was confirmed by comparison of some images with others already on this page. Then the supplier of the pictures decided to delve further into the attic and came upon several boxes of photographs, some in excellent condition, some sadly not, together with documents which showed that her great-grandfather worked for Albert Smith for a time in the 1920s, presumably as a photographer.

We are now working our way through the albums and the other photographs and many more of them will find their way on to our pages in due course. We hope, too, that a close examination of the documents will provide further valuable information about what was undoubtedly Jersey's most important and prolific commercial photography business for many years.

Gallery of images from a family photograph album

The large picture below was printed on a plain postcard back, but we do not think it was published by Albert Smith, or any other postcard publisher. It is more likely that, as many commercial photographs of the time were, it was printed on a postcard back so that it could be sold ready for posting by the purchasers.

This view of a Battle of Flowers float at Robin Hood was printed as a postcard. It was almost certainly taken in the 1930s, at much the same time as the images below, when the Battle was held at Springfield


This first set of pictures is from the 1928 event, the year it was revived at Springfield Stadium. The first eight thumbnail images are stills from a Pathe newscast film of the time - courtesy of Jersey Temps Passe

1928, and white is still the fashion for these young ladies, who appear less than happy to be parading in the heat of a summer's day


Ladies outfits were much less formal by the time the Battle moved to Springfield in the 1930s
Bathing belles in 1932

At the beginning of this set are more pictures from a Pathe newsreel, this time from 1933 - courtesy of Jersey Temps Passe


These are Evening Post photographs from 1936 and 1937


These are stills from a Pathe Newsreel film


A selection of photographs of the 1939 Battle, the last before the Occupation

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