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The Pipon family has been established in Jersey since the beginning of the 14th century, and possibly earlier, much earlier than the mid-15th century date suggested by J Bertrand Payne in his noted 19th century genealogical work, Payne's Armorial of Jersey. The Pipons have held such important fiefs as La Moye and Noirmont. Members of the family have held many important positions in the island's government, and have achieved notable success in the wider service of the armed forces and civil administration of the British Isles


Robert Pipon

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Origin of Surname

Pipon may be a form of Pepin, the Teutonic Peipo, the name of the famous Mayor of the Palace who made himself King of France. However, in Jersey Pepin and Pipon represent two distinct families.

Early records

The earliest published Island record of the name Pipon is in the Assize Roll of 1309. The name is found in the Extente of 1331 and the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550 includes Collas, Sire Guillaume, Helier and Johan. This contradicts the information given in the Armorial (see below).

Church baptism records start in St Brelade in 1561 and that parish accounts for 179 of the total of 291 baptisms up to 1842.

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

From an early period this family held the estate called La Moye, which is not, however, a seigneurie, which they inherited in the 16th century from an heiress of the Oranges. More lately, they held the seigneurie of Noirmont. Both estates are in the parish of St Brelade. Elias Pipon purchased Noirmont Manor, having obtained the customary permission by Letters Patent, from Lord Carteret in 1695. On this fief originally existed a priory which gave name to the estate, and which was subject to that of St Clement, and a cell to the Abbey of Mont St Michel. In the 15th century the monks actioned the tenants of this fief, claiming the privileges of having their mill repaired, their tithes collected, and their wood and wine delivered by their lay subordinates.

The earliest mention found of Pipon in Jersey is in 1467, when John Pipon was a Jurat of the Royal Court. In 1552, Sire Guille Pipon was one of the procureurs of the parish of St Peter, of which he was also, probably, Rector. Robert Pipon collected and transcribed a large number of interesting local acts and charters, which are now preserved in the Landsdowne Collection at the British Museum.

In the parish church of St Brelade occur a large number of mural tablets to the memories of members of both branches of the Pipon family, many of whom had attained rank in the Army and Navy.


The only spelling found in Jersey family records is Pipon, but the following have been found elsewhere

  • Pipon, 1331
  • Pypon
  • Pippon
  • Pypon
  • Pepon
  • Pepin is a distinct family with different name derivation

Family records

Although there has been considerable research into the Pipon family, resulting in four substantial trees and three shorter ones (see below), it has proved impossible to establish links between the three main family branches identified. The tree below account for virtually all the 291 Pipon baptisms in Jersey from 1561 to 1842, suggesting that the common ancestors, if there were any, will be found in the 15th century or earlier, and that the different branches of the family developed on fairly narrow lines before church registers started.


Family trees


Church records


Family histories and biographies

Four articles on James Pipon of Noirmont


Newspaper records


Great War service


Family wills

Family homes

Threshing on a Pipon farm in 1970

Family album

Family gravestones

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Pipon of Noirmont memorial in St Brelade's Church cemetery
Pipon family grave in St Lawrence Church cemetery
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