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Property name

Pres de l'Eglise


Ville de l'Eglise, St Ouen

Type of property

House with 15th century origins, retaining some original features


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property


  • PB ♥ IP 1772 - For Philippe Briard and Judith Priaulx
  • 18 PNG LPSG NHDL 45 - This stone is a total mystery. It is not included in the Datestone Register and is shown in HER as two groups of letters - PNGLPSG and HNDL. This does not fit with any datestone convention and we suspect that the stone, which is not visible from public land, has been misread.

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An early house of circa 1500 origins, retaining historic character and features from different periods of development. The building is in an important position in relation the parish church.

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Circa 15th century origins, with late 18th century alterations. The tourelle is unusually large and has what appears to be an ancient doorway.

The east extension appears to be a service wing and to date to circa 1820, but the lower section of the north/east gable appears to be far earlier. The west extension may have possibly been a detached single storey lean-to boulangerie/laverie that has been first joined circa 1800 and then raised a storey circa 1860; this seems evident by the position of the entrance and the later stonework and brick opening at the upper level.

This house has undergone many alterations and additions but possibly still has much of the remains of a late medieval house at its core - namely gable ends, the entire rear wall, the tourelle and possibly a cross wall.

Main house with a rear, north tourelle; attached, intersecting outbuilding (running north), an east service extension; and a west extension.

Old Jersey Houses

Not included in either volume, despite its very early origins

Notes and references

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