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Originally every Seigneurial Court had its Prevot, appointed annually on some Fiefs by the Seigneur, on others by the Tenants, "to guard the rights of the Seigneur and the tenants, to make good all summonses and loyal records, and to pay the corn-rentes, fermes, and extracts". He had to enforce all orders of the Court and all bye-laws of the Fief. With the decay of the Seigneurial Courts these officials died out except on the King's Fiefs, where one is still appointed for each of the ten parishes that contain a Royal Manor. At very Assise d’Heritage the Prev6ts du Roi hand in lists of persons who have died without direct heirs, of persons presumed to 'be dead, of wreckage, treasure-trove, and other information from which the King should benefit'.

In time their duties were extended to the collection of all amounts in their parish due to the King, whether the debtors lived on or off the Crown Fief, including fines imposed by the Royal Court. They also serve summonses in their parish. In two parishes, St Ouen and St Clement, which have no Crown Fief, these duties are performed by the Prevots of the neighbouring parishes of St Mary and Grouville.

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