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Quennevais Farm, St Peter


Michel daughters Ada and Lily outside Quennevais Farm in about 1903

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Undoubtedly the same property today, but somewhat enlarged over the past century

Property name

Quennevais Farm

Other names

  • Quennevais
  • La Pointe


Rue de l'Eglise, St Peter

Type of property

Former farm on northern boundary of Airport


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property


Somewhat surprisingly this is not a listed building. It would appear to be a 19th century farmhouse which has been added to during the 20th century and its outbuildings converted to residential use.

It is now known as La Pointe, after Rue de La Pointe, which has a junction with Rue de l'Eglise to the side of the house. St Peter Census returns up to 1901 very unhelpfully list most properties in this district as 'House', but the 1911 census identifies this as 'Quennevais', the home of John Frederick Michel, his wife Elizabeth, four daughters and three sons.

But why would a house so far from the St Brelade district, Les Quennevais, have had this name? To reach one from the other today is a long drive (by Jersey standards) into the heart of St Peter, or down into St Ouen's Bay.

The answer is that the Airport has been built on top of the fields and country lanes which previously connected the undeveloped farmland of Les Quennevais with the very sparsely populated north-west corner of St Peter. Today the northern boundary of the Airport is just across the road from La Pointe.

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