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Ratcatchers, 1857, by George Smith Armfield (1840-1875). Oil on canvas from the Town Hall collection. Two terriers trying to get at a cage in a stable. Few subjects in Victorian art drew as large an audience or were as widely reproduced, as those referring to animals. Queen Victoria commissioned artists to paint portraits of the Royal dogs and many members of Victorian society looked at domestic animals very fondly. Armfield exhibited his works at the Royal Academy and the British Institution for over 20 years. Many of Armfield's paintings have been attributed to Sir Edwin Landseer, an English animal painter whose work is now on display around the world including the British Library and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Restoration of the painting was sponsored by The Channel Island Co-Operative Society and Mrs R Morris. Hung in 1994, in memory of Mr J Morris- Chef de Police and company secretary. (Sophie Gorman, 2009)
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