Richard family members who served in World War 1

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Richard family members who served in the Great War


Six members of the family lost their lives while serving in the armed forces and a further 17 saw active service in World War 1.

The dates shown are often birth or baptism dates from our database, not necessarily those shown on service records, and parishes shown are parish of birth, where known, not the parish in which individuals were living when they joined up.

Notes on our list, abbreviations used etc

Sons of Claude and Rosalie Traisnel

  • Albert Francis Richard (1899- )(Gr) Private, Wiltshire Regiment
  • Ernest Alex Richard (Gr) Private, Lancashire Hussars

Sons of Wladimir Richard dit Leschery and Marie, living in Jersey in 1911

  • Gordon Charles Henry Richard dit Leschery (1898- ) (Gsy) 2nd Lieutenant, Worcester Regiment
  • Herbert Richard dit Leschery (1895- ) (London) Lieutenant, RAF
  • Stanley Adolphus Wladimir Richard dit Leschery (1896- ) (London), Private, Cameron Highlanders

  • Charles Richards (1889- ) (Rennes) son of Jean Jacques and Eugenie, Mercantile Marine
  • Claude F Richards (1893- ) (Gr) son of Claude and Rosalie, Private, Canadian Infantry, wounded
  • Frederick Christopher Richards (1862- ) (St H), son of William and Ann, Mercantile Marine
  • Frederick Wilfred Richards (1890- ) (St H) son of Frederick Christopher and Emma Elizabeth Harwood, Lieutenant RE, PoW
  • Percival Charles Richards (St H), Private, Grenadier Guards
  • Philip Arthur Morris Richards (1898- ) (St H) son of William Giffard Vivian and Alice Louisa Moody, Private, Hampshire Regiment
  • William Henry Richards (1894- ) (St H) son of Henry George Bridle and Florence Louisa Noel, Mercantile Marine
  • William Henry George Richards (1891- ) (St H) son of William Giffard Vivian and Alice Louisa Moody, ex-RMIJ, Private RAMC
  • William Watson Richards (1893- ) (St S) son of Thomas and Mary, Major RAOC
  • Etienne Pierre Richard (1866- ) (St Mt) son of Victor and Maria Frosine Angelique, ex-RMIJ, Private, Hampshire Regiment
  • William Richard (1878- ) (St Mt) son of Charles and Flora, ex-RMIJ, Private, Guards Machine Gun Battalion
  • William Richard (1895- ) (St H) son of Henry and Florence, Rifleman, King's Royal Rifle Corps
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