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Saro Cutty Sark


Saunders Roe Cutty Sark

From Flight magazine 25 July 1930

Saunders Roe of East Cowes, have received the following letter from Mr S S Kirsten of Kirsten and Mace in connection with the Saro Cutty Sark amphibian employed on the Southampton-Channel Islands service.

“We are writing to give you some information regarding the air service which we have opened between England and the Channel Islands with your Cutty Sark type amphibian aircraft. As you know, we are running special trips to places on the French coast, Guernsey, etc, in addition to scheduled trips to England and we have found your Cutty Sark to be the ideal type for such operations, which, as you will readily understand, entail our making the fullest possible use of the amphibian properties of this splendid little machine.

“Our initial machine has been christened Silver Bat by His Excellency the Governor of Jersey, General Willis, and Mrs Willis, who afterwards were taken for a trip round the island, and were kind enough to express their great pleasure regarding the comfort of the machine and their good wishes for the future of our enterprise.

"The actual ceremony was preceded by a tea party very kindly given by Lady Trent, amongst the distinguished gathering being His Excellency the Governor of Jersey and Mrs Willis, Lady Verney, Lady Houston, the Hon Mrs Holman, Lt-Col and Mrs de Gallais, Lt-Col and Mrs Carey, Col and Mrs Hulton, and many others. After the christening many of the party were taken up, and without exception expressed their great delight with the comfort and feeling of complete security afforded by this type of machine.

"We would like to take this opportunity of saying how pleased we are with the machine, and how well it is standing up to the work it is being given to do. We feel that we are in a very good position to say that this machine does definitely do all that is claimed for it, and, moreover, does it in that trouble-free way that is so absolutely essential for commercial operation.

"So delighted are we with our experiences of the Cutty Sark that we hope to take a very early delivery of the Flying Cloud in order to cope with the demand that the Cutty Sark has set up."

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