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Ship on Fire, from the School of Peter Monamy (1670-1749). Oil on canvas, in the collection at St Helier's Town Hall. The fire is by night, the ship is lying in an estuary with figures, buildings and small boats in the foreground silhouetted against the glow of the moon. Monamy began his career apprenticed to a sign painter on London Bridge, where he developed his own artist style mannered on the artist Van de Velde, a Dutchman who specialised in Maritime art. Monamy lived in an age of British naval glory and his portrayal of this success on canvas made him one of the country’s most eminent artists. Later in life he achieved some considerable reputation for his seascapes, laying the foundations of the English Maritime School of art. Many of his paintings now hang in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. (Sophie Gorman, 2009) Restoration of this painting was sponsored by Citibank in 1996.
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