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Guernsey at St Malo

The single screw steamer Guernsey was built for London and South Western Railway in 1874 by J and W Dudgeon, of Blackwall. She was of 536 tons, although her weight increased in subsequent refits to 572 tons. Her 150 hp engine gave her a top speed of 13 knots.

St Malo

Commanded by Captain du Feu, her regular run was on the St Malo service, although she operated three mail sailings to the Channel Islands from Southampton in July 1874, and another three the following May.

She was used as a cargo vessel during the potato season but continued to operate between Jersey and France in the summers of 1890, 1893, 1897-99 and 1904-05, but only as back-up to larger vessels.

She was converted to cargo use only in 1908 and was eventually wrecked off Cap de La Hague on 9 April 1915, with the loss of seven lives. The accident was blamed on the absence of warning lights as a wartime measure.

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