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An impression of St Helier in the 16th century. Unless a large number of these buildings were demolished and the town's layout subsequently changed dramatically, it is unlikely that it actually looked anything like this
This enlargement of a section of a painting of St Helier, viewed from the west, by George Heriot, dated 1790, is believed to give a much better impression of what the town was like at the time. Shortly after this a dramatic population growth saw the town expand considerably. This painting is in the collection of the British Library
Another artist's impression of a section of 18th century St Helier. The drawing seems to display a considerable degree of artistic licence. It is possible that the church on a hillside on the left is meant to be St Saviour's Parish Church, rather than the town church, which was on the shoreline

This gallery shows general pictures of St Helier. Pictures of individual streets and districts and the Harbour will be found on other pages. See also One hundred views of St Helier, a personal view of the town and some of its older buildings. Click on image to see larger picture

View from Fort Regent in 2021
And looking in the opposite direction in about 1806 - a sketch by Henry Irwin
Despite the banking failures of earlier years almost causing the total collapse of Jersey's financial system, the Parish of St Helier was still issuing its own banknotes in the 1890s ...
... over half a century after this one was issued
A 2018 drone photograph of St Helier's Waterfront area. The whole of the central area in the picture, including the underpass, is on land reclaimed in the late 20th century
21st century aerial view
A painting by George Willis of St Helier viewed from Almorah in 1856
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