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St Mannelier, St Saviour


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Property name

St Mannelier

Other names


Rue de St Mannelier, St Saviour

Type of property


Sold for £892,000 in 2005 and £7,375,000 in 2018

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Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A site of particular interest including a former schoolhouse circa 1758 and adjoining house circa 1830s, on site of the first formal school to be founded in Jersey in 1477.

Adjacent site of medieval chapel dedicated to St Mannelier set within circular curtilege. The site of a medieval chapel dedicated to St Mannelier (derived from St Magloire who came to Jersey and supposedly died here in 586 having founded a monastery).

Poingdestre mentions the Chapel "whereof ye foundation is yet to be seene" in 1682.

In 1477, St Mannelier School - the first formal school in Jersey - was founded here by the Rector of St Saviour, Jean Hue, on land adjoining the Chapel of St Mannelier.

The schoolhouse was rebuilt and reopened in 1606 and 1705. In 1852 tenders for the repair of the school were submitted by Charles Aubin, Thomas Durell and George du Faye of St Saviour. The school closed in 1863.

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

The property was restored as a private residence early in the 21st century. The former schoolhouse is two-storey, seven-bay of granite construction. There is a datestone above the doorway [1] and an unusual row of small windows on ground floor at the rear north.

To the west is a traditional granite cottage. On the roadside below the schoolhouse is the original entrance to the school marked by a pair of granite gate piers dated 1780.

There is a modern garage, glazed link and pool house.

Notes and references

  1. No information is given about the inscription and the stone is not recorded elsewhere
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