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St Martins Crest


The parish of St Martin lies at the south-east extremity of the island, bounded by the Forest and St Andrew's to the westward, and by the town parish, St Peter Port, on the north. It contains about 4,190 vergées of land, and a population of 2,158 inhabitants, census of 1871. Besides the Fief Le Roi, which extends in this parish, that of Sausmarez is the most considerable. Hill’s Historical Directory of the Channel Islands (1874)



  • St Martins Primary School

Ancient monuments

Old Family Houses

  • Sausmarez Manor
  • Le Bordage
  • La Contree de Saint
  • Le Becquet
  • Les Maindonneaux
  • Les Caches



  • Le Jaonnet
  • La Bette
  • Icart Point
  • Saints Bay
  • Moulin Huet
  • Petit Port
  • Marble Bay
  • Fermain Bay
  • Divette


  • Strappini, Richard, St Martins, Guernsey - a Parish History from 1204, (2005)
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