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Generation 8: Rachel ALEXANDRE md Jean LEMPRIERE Also found another indication that this is right ST HELIER BAPS/GPs 24.07.1774 - Jean fs George TOUZEL et Marie Alexandre [Jean Lempriere et Rachel Alexandre sa fme]

Generation 13 - NZ

Generation 13 - Clara Longmore ALEXANDRE md William Alexander CLELAND in 1901, New Zealand. Her sister Alice Civilise md William John DONNElL in 1901, New Zealand. There is a marriage for a Henry John ALEXANDRE MD 1920, NZ to Rosa May JURY - but unsure if this is him.

Addington Cemetery, Christchurch, NZ Henrietta, relict of Ph. LE MOTTEE of the Island of Jersey, d 7 Feb 1889. Also Henry, husband of Harriet ALEXANDRE, d 20 Oct 1923 a 79. Also their dau, Maud Mary, d 19 Dec 1879 a 8mths. Also Harriet Amelia, wife of Henry ALEXANDRE, d 17 Sept 1939 a 91.

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