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Elizabeth bapt 1715 is the daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth GALLICHAN----yes, the original donor`s tree was incorrect on this. The tree has now [February 2019] been amended

Benjamin bapt 1716 is the son of Benjamin and Elizabeth GALLICHAN----as above

Benjamin bapt 1714 is the son of BISSON/AHIER----yes

Marie bapt 1719 is correct dau of BISSON/AHIER----yes

Am suspicious that there isn't a daughter Elizabeth (mother AHIER)... but there is certainly a gap where she could have lost a child - or it's missing from the Register - baptism not the child!?

I see there is a Jean fs Benjamin buried Trinity 1716 - but there is no matching baptism

Found this baptism: TRINITY BAPTISM (Jerripedia) 29 Sep 1706 - Marie fe Charles BISSON - GPs Bienamin BISSON et Jeanne DESLANDES, sa femme----this is the correct Marie, her father and her grandparents

In Marie's marriage to Josue DESLANDES it states that she is the daughter of the late Charles BISSON. I believe this makes her daughter of Charles BISSON and Esther/Ester GRUCHY. Her father buried possibly 1711 (only option apparent at this stage). It also looks like Marie's mother remarried the same year, her BISSON child(ren) now appearing as 'of St John', the parish of her new husband.--good point, many thanks, and will investigate further

So am wondering if the above GPs are the child's Grandparents?---- Yes, they are

Benjamin B. and Elizabeth AHIER md 1713, St Saviour, Elizabeth died March 1761, widow of Benjamin.

The only options for Benjamin's death (on Jerripedia):

17 10 1760 Benjamin [husband of Elizabeth Gallichan: "Benjamin senr."] or 1740 [husband of Jeanne Cabot. Note: their last child born 1739], 1722 Benjamin fs Elie [aged 11 years], 1720 Bienamin ["Me Benjamin", husband of Marie Deslandes], 1718 Beniamin ----the last. Note, no more children conceived after 1718

I suspect if it was 1720 or 1718 [yes] she may have remarried?! [no: buried as "veuve de Me Benjamin Bisson"] Don't think he died 1760 [no: see above] as there is another Benjamin who fits that date more accurately. I cannot immediately recall which one ["Benjamin senr."]. However we have no idea about possible deaths at sea etc either.

Benjamin B. and Elizabeth GALLICHAN md about 1714. I cannot find their marriage [no. nowhere]. Elizabeth died 1748, Trinity wife of Benjamin. So the possibilities for [this] Benjamin's demise are again 1760 [yes] or 1789. I think 1789 is pushing the envelope [certainly: this will be one of three younger Trinity Benjamins, Benjamin junr. (in 1760) who was bp.1716, son of Benjamin senr. (1760); Benjamin bp.1732 and living in 1770 or Benjamin bp.1725. There was a fourth but he was living in St Helier and had been bp.(Tr) 1745. Benjamin who was buried in 1789 is perhaps more likely to have been the first of these (bp. 1716)] I am not confident that all the Benjamin burials/deaths are available in the registers?---no

So, in short, not the same Benjamin.-- !

I suspect Elizabeth AHIER is the daughter of Gedeon AHIER and Elizabeth DE LA HAYE - born c 1685+ - but cannot find her baptism entry. Am I right in thinking there is a gap in Trinity baptisms around this time? There is the baptism entry below that is rather confusing and I wonder if Marie should read Elizabeth. And sometimes Marie VAUTIER has been shown as VAUDIN! No wonder we are confused!

TRINITY BAPTISMS/GPs 17.10.1731 - Gedeon fs Thomas AHIER et Marie Vautier [Benjamin BISSON et Marie AHIER, sa mere]

Pam Hislop

Pam, my comments above may or may not be useful! I hope they are, Guy Dixon

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