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Pierre NICOLLE (c. 1781) who married Madelaine DUCHEMIN does not belong in the line of Edouard NICOLLE and Elizabeth BAUDAINS. There is compelling evidence as follows, that he is a descendant of Denis NICOLLE.

Trinity Baptismal Registers: Pierre NICOLLE baptised Trinity, May 6, 1781, son of Josue NICOLLE and Elizabeth HAMON. Godparents Pierre BIGUEREL and Rachel BISSON his wife.

Marriage to Madelaine DUCHEMIN July 20th 1806 in Trinity.

1841 Census: Pierre NICOLLE age 60 Farmer residing St. Peter, Vingtaine of Coin Varin With Magdalen age 60 William age 30 farmer Fanny age 20 Ann age 2

Burial St. Lawrence, Madelaine DUCHEMIN wife of Pierre NICOLLE 12 October 1846 69 years Madelaine’s family were from St. Lawrence and she owned land there, by right of her father Daniel DUCHEMIN

Marriage November 18, 1846, St. Peter, Pierre NICOLLE widower, farmer, age 63, born (?) and living St. Peter, married Jane DUVAL, aged 39, widow of Jean Daniel CABOT, born and living in St. Peter. Pierrre’s father Josue NICOLLE, sailor, Jane’s father Daniel DUVAL, mason.

1851 census shows Pierre NICOLLE, AGE 70, born in Trinity, living with his second wife and step-son John CABOT

Regarding Pierre John NICOLLE (born c. 1816); there is no evidence of him being one of Pierre NICOLLE’s children:

Jersey Archives Land Registry book 192 folio 94 In this document Pierre NICOLLE Jr. (1809-1882) principal heir and son of Madelaine DUCHEMIN is selling land inherited from his mother. The agreement includes reference to the consent of “his brother William NICOLLE”. There is no mention of Pierre John or any other brother.

Land Registry documents L191/f 252 in the Jersey Archives refers to the sale of land in St. John by Pierre NICOLLE. In this document Mse Betsey Marguerite de Ste Croix wife of the vendor abandons her dower. This documents states that Pierre NICOLLE is the son of Jean, son of Jean. Another document L270 f203b gives the names of his siblings and by checking parish registers for them one can conclude that his parents were Jean NICOLLE and Anne COUTANCHE. I think you need to reconcile this information with the information you have been depending on.


I am sure you are right, because you have obviously done a lot of research, but what you have discovered does conflict with what I believe I unearthed at the Jersey Archive last summer. Pierre John Nicolle was a major brick wall for me for years. I could not find his baptism anywhere in the CIFHS indexes at the Societe library. Then, on my first visit to the archive, I did another check and discovered to my amazement that the baptism was shown in their copy of the St Lawrence register, which was presumably an updated version of that at the Societe. Further research brought the remainder of his ancestry to light.

I don't have my notes from this visit - they are in Spain - but I am going to Jersey in August so I shall check it all through again. In the meantime I don't think it is helpful to have a tree in Jerripedia which jumps a generation without explanation (It is a failing of the MediaWiki format that there is no indication when accessing a page that there is something in the Discussion page, so there is no guarantee that users will read the Discussion page). So I trust you are happy with the way I am now presenting it until I can check again.

It would be very helpful if you could put on the site, or let me have, your full Nicolle descendancy either side of Pierre Nicolle and Marie Duchemin so that we have as much information as possible.

This is the first occasion when a major section of a tree on Jerripedia has been challenged in this way and I welcome it, because this is exactly the sort of discussion that the format in which family trees are presented was designed to generate. I look forward to resolving the issue once and for all and, presuming that you are correct about Jean Nicolle and Ann Coutanche, to researching their ancestry, too.



Sorry, I had not read your comment on the second tree when I wrote the above. I am now even more confused. Was there a Pierre Nicolle married to Marie Duchemin, and if so, which tree, if any, on Jerripedia does ha fit into?

I would appreciate it very much if you could let me have a fresh tree (or trees) showing the descendancies you believe to be correct for all the key individuals whose position is currently uncertain.

It would probably be best if you email this information direct to me at and I will then see what needs to be changed in the trees affected

Hello Mike,

Did you get the information that I emailed directly to you on July 17th?

regards, Stephanie

Hi Mike,

I'm glad to see the changes. I would like to move the source information on this page re Pierre NICOLLE (1781-1856) to the Denis NICOLLE page. Is that okay or do we leave it here as a log of what has been queried and changed? cheers, Stephanie

Hi Stephanie

If, by the source information, you mean the history, that can't be moved - it is a feature of a Wiki that all changes are stored so that the page log is available to all. The only thing which can be done is to add further notes.

I am still very uncertain about Pierre John Nicolle who married Betsy de Ste Croix, because as I have told you, I found him in the St Lawrence baptism register at the Jersey Archive last summer, whereas his entry does not show in the earlier version at the Société library. I had been searching for his parents for years. All the notes I took that day are at our winter home in Spain, but I am going to Jersey in September, so I shall have another look. I don't think we have heard the last of this! It's ironic that the Denis Nicolle page is now more or less back to where it started, with the correction of Madeleine's name and the addition of a few generations.

I's interesting that I had her name correct when I started the Edouard Nicolle tree.

I shall go back to the Archive, trace the ascendancy I found for Pierre John all over again and then take my notes down to Spain in October and see how everything compares.


Hi Mike,

By "source" I meant the evidence for the genealogy. ie parish registers, land documents, census info, etc.

cheers, Stephanie

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