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Not sure about about: 4 Betsey Viel (1804- ) m Francois Pepin (1806- ) Found Betsey/Elizabeth: 1841 CENSUS St. Peters District 2 // PAGE 8 Upper Part of the Vingtaine of St. Nicholas Elizabeth Pepin 35 Ind Y Francis Pepin 10 Y John Pepin 9 Y George 7 Y Elizabeth Viel 70 Y Nancy Shire 40 Y Jane 17 Y

Broad presumption that Elizabeth VIEL aged 70 is her mother. The SHIRE's I believe are SEBIREs. Betsey VIEL bapt 1804's mother was Elizabeth LE GALLAIS. Cannot see an immediate connection to SEBIRE.

ST PETER BURIAL REGISTER 01 Jun 1849 Buried 05 June 1849 - Betsey VIEL veuve Francois PEPIN Aged 45yrs Cause Pulmonorie (sp)?

This fits: ST PETER BAPTISM (Jerripedia) 01 Mar 1804 - Betsy fe Philippe VIEL et Elizabeth LE GALLAIS

This fits the 1841 theory.

However there is an Elizabeth VIEL bapt 1808, St Peter dau of Pierre VIEL & Jeanne VAUTIER.

Also there is a Betsey Esther VIEL md to Thomas TOUZEL 1827, St Helier td St Helier. Betsey being described as widow of Jean Arman CADORAS (md 1821). Cannot find his burial. Cannot find any further information on Thomas TOUZEL/Betsey Esther VIEL either! I cannot find a baptism for Betsey/Elizabeth Esther VIEL.

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