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There appears to be an example of double counting on this page and some discrepancies with a related one.

Jean Sarre, married to Collette Estur appears in generation 3 as a son of Simon Sarre (1470) born in 1498. Collette is shown as the daughter of Jean and Guillemine Le Jardere. They have three children, Guillemine, Francois and Nicolas, and Nicolas has one daughter Elizabeth. John married to Collette Estur also appears in generation 4 as a son of Simon's son Michel(1496) with no other information. There is a link from the second John to a Tree entitled 'Descendants of Jean Sarre of Mourier, St John'. This tree does not give any dates for Jean, but it does say that Collette is the daughter of Jean and Guillemine Le Jardere, as for the first Jean in the first Tree. Their first three children are again Guillemine, Francois and Nicolas and there are a further four named, Jean, Peronelle, Collette and Marguerite. This Nicolas, who is shown in both trees to have married a Marguerite le Quesney, has eight children, but none is called Elizabeth. One of them, Katherine is shown to have married a Thomas Pinel, who I believe to be a ten times great grandfather. One of the Pinel trees shows a Thomas Pinel marrying a Catherine Sarre, with parents Nicolas Sarre and Marguerite le Quesney.

It seems to me that either the two Jean Sarres in this tree are the same person who has been put in twice in different generations, or they are two separate people, only one of whom marries Collette Estur, but I have no way of knowing how I am actually related to the Simon at the top of this tree.

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