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From Payne's Armorial of Jersey

The Rev Daniel Dumaresq, Canon of Salisbury; Prebendary of Netherbury-in-Ecclesia ; Rector of Yeovilton, Somerset ; Prebendary of Wells; and honorary member of the Academy of Sciences at St Petersburgh, was educated in his native island of Jersey at the school of St Manelier, afterwards entered Pembroke College, Oxford, and finally became a Fellow of Exeter College in 1740.

He was some time Chaplain to the British Factory at St Petersburgh, and, while there, was honoured with the special notice of the Empresses Elizabeth and Catherine II of Russia. Upon the application of Stanislaus, the last King of Poland, for some Englishman of talent to superintend the scheme, he was considered the fittest person to conduct the establishment of schools, which the King had determined to open throughout his dominions. Entering into his task with much taste for the employment, Dr Dumaresq succeeded in carrying out this educational plan to the admiration of everyone concerned.

On his departure from Poland the grateful monarch was solicitous to present the learned doctor with some adequate mark of his goodwill. Dr Dumaresq, however, refused both honours and money, and would accept nothing save the watch that the King wore, and which he took simply as a gage d’amitié Upon his arrival in England he retired to his small living near Bath, which no promises of preferment made him by his personal friends, George III and William Pittt were sufficiently powerful to induce him to leave; for, had it not been for his genuine love of repose and tranquillity, he might undoubtedly have arrived at the dignity of a mitre.

"Perhaps the uniform conduct of no one man," says Hutchins, in his History of Dorset, "in this or any other country came nearer to that of the primitive Christians in the apostolic age, than that of this venerable divine during his very long life."

At his death, which occurred at Bath, 28 October 1805, in his 95th year, he generously left his books to the Public Library of Jersey, which nearly doubled the original gift of Falle. A characteristic portrait of Dr Dumaresq is in the possession of Madame de Vinchelez de Bas, who is descended from his sister Elizabeth.

From Wikipedia

Daniel Dumaresq FRS (1712–1805) was an educational consultant to Russian and Polish monarchs

Duraresq came from Trinity, Jersey in the Channel Islands. His father was Jurat Elie Dumaresq (1652-1754), Seigneur of Augrès. He attended Abingdon School and in 1730 entered Pembroke College and was a Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford. He became curate at Merton on Otmoor, Oxfordshire (1744) then chaplain at the English Factory at St Petersburg (1746-62). During that time he was elected to the St Petersburg Academy of Sciences, became fluent in Russian and was chaplain to Sir Charles Hanbury (1708-59), British Ambassador to St Petersburg. He translated a book: An Account of that part of America which is nearest to Kamchatka, extracted from the Description by Professor Krasheninncoff, printed at Petersburg in 1759. In his capacity as chaplain to the ambassador he employed a secretary, Stanislaus Poniatowski, who later became king of Poland.

Upon his return to England he took the rectory of Yeovilton (1762-1805) with neighbouring Limington (1790-1802). From there he was called upon to return to Russia and Poland to advise Catherine the Great (1762-96) of Russia and Stanislaus II (1764-95) King of Poland on educational matters. He was a Fellow of the Royal Society.

In 1800 he donated his library of books to his native island, a founding benefaction of the Jersey Library.

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