The original Pomme d'Or Hotel building in the mid-19th century

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The board on the left advertises the aquarium at Havre des Pas, and to the right is haridresser C de la Haye's premises. The smock and hat worn at a jaunty angle by the man in the foreground give no real clue to the age of the photograph.
A couple stand talking in the archway which led through the hotel from the Weighbridge to the courtyard and gardens behind. For many years the gardens, where afternoon teas were served, were an important feature of the hotel. Today the hotel is one of the island's largest and stretches right through from the Weighbridge front to Wharf Street behind.
The Pomme d'Or Hotel at the Weighbridge was famously used as the focal point for the celebrations on the morning of the Liberation of the island from five years of German Occupation on 9 May 1945, the Union Flag being raised from the hotel balcony by liberating British troops where a Swastika had previously hung. To this day the hotel and the area in front, now named Liberation Square, remain the focus for the annual 9 May commemorative celebrations. These pictures are from an altogether different era, however. The picture above, and the two at the sides showing greater detail, is from a Victorian glass plate which came up for sale recently.The exact date of the photograph is not known, but it was probably as early as the 1850s, the hotel having opened in the mid-1830s. The shape of the building was unchanged for several decades, but this picture shows a low structure to the right with a sign for 'C de la Haye, hairdresser', where the Southampton Hotel was later built. There are many photographs in existence showing an oblique view of the Pomme d'Or and Southampton Hotels side by side, but head-on views of the Pomme d'Or like this are extremely rare.
This photograph is also unusual in that it shows horse-drawn vans queuing with potatoes for export with the Pommd d'Or Hotel in the background. The vast majority of pictures of queues in front of the public weighbridge are taken from the opposite direction. It can be seen that the hotel building has been developed, with a much more balanced and rather attractive facade, although the central archway has been maintained.
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