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Brothers Edouard and Abraham Trachy left Jersey for Gaspé in 1819. Abraham was 25, and Edouard 19. They were both blacksmiths, and settled in Percé, where they met and married sisters Louise and Suzanne Bourget.

The brothers' father, Banjamin, was co-owner of the schooner The Three Sisters, built in 1801, and crossed regularly from Jersey to Gaspé. The brothes met the Bourget sisters on one of these trips and decided to remain in Gaspé. Today there is said to be only one Trachy family remaining in Jersey, but there are many in Canada and the USA, possibly all descended from the brothers.

Their family tree has been traced back to the 13th century.

The brothers were protestants, but converted to catholicism on the eve of their wedding. Their four brothers and two sisters remained in Jersey and it is believed that they never heard from Edouard and Abraham again.

Both had large families. Abraham and Louise had eight children and Edouard and Suzanne had ten, including twins.

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