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Mike Bisson's talk page My notes

16 May 2012 - The page with the Charinsert buttons is MediaWiki:Edittools


Le Ber tree

On one of the pages you have uploaded, I believe the first line is incorrect; 1 Nicolas Le Ber (1764-1803) b Alderney m Susanne Herival should read:- 1 Nicolas Le Ber (1764-1803) b Alderney m Marguerite Le Cocq.

My information from Mrs Mignot's charts. Note the 4th line is correct where the wife of Thomas is given as "Susanne Herival"

Unless your source thinks otherwise! There are some more children in generation 2, which I may add later when I have enough time. Regards Tom

Ouless sketch of Martello Tower

Hi Mike, congratulations on such a great site. I was wondering if you could tell me where I could obtain a high resolution photo of the Ouless sketch of "Martello" Tower (Jersey Round Tower) as I am going to be giving a talk in France soon using PowerPoint and would like to include that sketch, filed as Martello-Ouless.jpg as part of my talk. Many thanks, Diane Moore

I'm sorry Diane but I can't help with high resolution versions of Jerripedia images. You might try La Societe Jersiaise or Jersey Archive - I don't know if this image is in their collection. Mike

Thanks Mike, I will try the Société Jersiaise. Keep up this excellent work, best regards, Diane

Valpy Smithy

Mr Bisson, could please tell me a bit about this picture:

I have a large copy hanging on my wall. I believe my grandmother has the original.

I am sorry but I do not know anything about this picture, and I cannot immediately recall how I came by it. It has been on the site since early 2011 and I suspect that it was sent to me as a digital copy together with the article on John Thomas Valpy. I am in Spain for the winter and all my records are back at my home in France, so I am unable to look for anything for a few months.

If you are able to find out anything more, or are able to scan your picture and let me have a better quality image for Jerripedia I will be very grateful.

I will try to find out more when I get back to France

I too am away from home for the winter but will be able to scan the photo for you some time in early summer.

I believe the article on John Thomas Valpy you received may have come from what was The website was owned by a family member of mine. I don't know any more than what the article states (from stories that my family had told me).

Thanks for your help and I'll be in touch when I return home.

Xmas eve 74 BIA Dart Herald crash

22.01.14 Hello Mike, I just came across this site while researching the Handley Page Dart Herald for a book. I'm interested in obtaining a high resolution copy of the colour image you have of the Xmas eve 74 crash. Can you tell me where you obtained this? Thanks Martin

Use of image

25.08.14 Hi Mike, I wanted to write some text on Wikipedia about St Brelade's and was wondering if I could use the 2 images from your 'St Brelade's School' page? Many thanks Julia

William Gellender

02.12.2014 Hi Mike,

My wife is a descendant of the Gelenders/Gellenders of St Helier. I see that you have information the the first Gellender, William, came from Newcastle-on-Tyne. I would like to ask what the source of this information is. Is it a match on a baptismal record or is there a recollection in some family line which can substantiate this? With thanks for your efforts in providing this site. Ian Richards, Ceredigion

Hi Ian I am in Spain for the winter and my notes which I make when creating trees are in France, but I suspect that this information about William Gellender came from The Bree family tree which shows the ancestry of John Gellenderm who was born in Jersey, gives his father's birth place as Newcastle Mike

Francis Vallois (1861-1929)

Hi. I note with interest the Vallois family tree on Theislandwiki. Francis Vallois's second wife, Ellen Minton, was my great-great aunt. I have always wanted to know more about her life in Jersey (I have never even seen a picture of her) and would be interested to know if you are in contact with any family members who might have information on her.

DESCENDANTS OF RICHARD LE GALLAIS (1772-C1814) - and some possible ancestors

Hi Mike, I see that you have posted a page on the above. Are you a descendant or did you post it on behalf of someone else? I have a theory on an alternative tree but rather than edit the original I have posted this as a Discussion. It would be great to have some feedback from you or anyone else interested in the Le Gallais family. Kind regards, Sam Bradbury

Descendants of Philip Le Sueur and Harriet Le Couteur

Hallo Mike, thought I'd try your 'Talk' page: Could you please point me to the source of the data in 'Descendants of Philip Le Sueur and Harriet Le Couteur'? - particularly the baptism/birth and marriage date for Harriet 'Elizabeth' Le Couteur, 'daughter of Philippe Le Couteur (1788- ) Constable of St Peter m Harriet Poingdestre'Italic text. Info on her siblings is also relevant to distinguish her from the daughter of Sir John Le C and Harriet Janvrin. Many thanks. Martin Courtier Courtiergm 16:44, 18 February 2015 (GMT)

Martin, any information I have on this tree is in France, so I am afraid that I cannot help at present. I can't recall where the tree came from, but it was one of a large batch, including several Le Sueur trees, which I added at the end of April/beginning of May 2013, so I suspect that it was a tree I discovered on my 2012 visit to Jersey, either in the Societe Library or CIFHS section of Jersey Archive. Mike

Thanks Mike, will leave it as an open item, Martin

Hi Mike,

I wonder if you can help me. I am in contact from the Grand Jersey. We would like to use some of your pictures from the Grand Hotel site for our collateral at the hotel. Is this possible at all? Please do not hesitate to give me a call perhaps if you think we should discuss in private. 288 453 is my direct line.

I look forward to hearing from you. Vivien


You are welcome to use anything you can download from the site, but I am afraid that I do not have higher resolution copies of any of the images that I can make available to you

Thank you Mike! Great help!

Hi Mike, this site is amazing, thank you for taking the time to do it. Can you shed some light on Dolphin Rock at Douet de La Mer, why is it called that or is it as simple as it looks like a dolphins head in some small way?? regards Chris


Mike, hi. I wonder if you are the owner of the photos of Wakefield refugees taken in 1944. In the children image I think I have seen 4 or 5 of my relatives who were evacuated from Jersey in 1940. It's an amazing shot for me to see, but I'm trying to find a higher res version to make absolutely sure. If you got the images from another source could you point me in the right direction.


Le Cornu Family Photo

I viewed with interest the photograph of the Le Cornu Family especially as I think it includes a distant relative of mine (Edmund Barette who married Helene Le Cornu. I came across the following photo which maybe a wedding photo of Edmund and Helene so I would be interested if any names could be given to the photo of the Le Cornu family.

For interest, here's the wedding photo

Lillie Langtry and Mathilde (Guillou) Peat

I recently put an article on Islandwiki about Langtry's friend Mathilde Peat. I am currently in correspondence with a French relative of Mathilde who is researching his family. He has historic records of Mathilde but little real knowledge via his surviving family. What he does have is that up until about 1911 Mathilde was still in France in Concarneau. We know that in about 1914 she was working for Langtry and according to a passenger inventory she was Langtry's lady's maid in 1916. My question is this: Mathilde was from a working class background and lived her early life in France, therefore, she probably only knew the French language. Because Langtry was from Jersey is it more than likely that she was bilingual? Fluent in both French and English therefore relaxed about having a French speaking maid who would eventually pick up the English language?

Ted Mercedes 17:15, 9 January 2017 (GMT)

Thank you for adding your article on Mathilde Peat. It has been linked to the Lillie Langtry page. Lillie was certainly bilingual and probably trilingual. She was fluent in Jèrriais and conversed with John Everett Millias in the patois when he painted her portrait. She would almost certainly have spoken French as well. She had a French governess when young, although the two of them did not get on at all well. As Dean of Jersey her father would have conducted services in French and he sat in the States, where business was conducted in French.


Thanks Mike.

Ted Mercedes 15:24, 10 January 2017 (GMT)

Daniel Ferbrache Picture

Hi Mike, I just found this wiki and the picture of Daniel Ferbrache. Do you have any birth/death dates for Daniel? I am related to the Daniel Ferbrache that emigrated to the US and settled Guernsey, OH. I want to confirm this is the same man. Thanks! Cindy Woodruff

Probably not the same man - he seems to have lived in Guernsey all his life. Dates 1845-1922

NEW Le Couteur Chart

Hi Mike,

The recent Le Couteur Family tree starting from Helier and Marie Pipon seems to have many dubious relationships for many individuals that are already on the Le Couteur family pages. Could you perhjaps put me in touch with the originator so it can be ironed out via offline email. It's hard to know where to start, but the first 2 lines could be tackled first. It depends on the purpose of the page, but the very first Helier to Jean would be a start. Thanks

Martin Courtier


Hi Mike I would love a copy of the photo for my neighbours, the Leatt family, who use to live there.

Many thanks

Hilly Bouteloup

Hello Hilly I'm afraid that I cannot offer anything of higher resolution than the picture on the site. The filename starting YT15 indicates that I found it on You Tube in 2015, although I have no idea exactly where, so I will never have had a higher resolution version.

Thank you for your amendment to the Clarke family tree. You are right that the baptismal name was Fred. You don't have any idea when the Webbers added Clarke to the family name, do you?


Sarre Family Tree

Hi Mike. Could you, or Guy Dixon, perhaps provide an opinion on the Sarre family tree at The marriage between Marion Sarre and Bernabey Le Couteur was linked here (at bottom) on the fact that the Armorial (p.206) states that this Marion had a brother Simon, and the dates fit. However, Paynes Armorial gives their father as Jean, whereas the Sarre tree gives Simon. Unless other evidence is available, I suggest that the marriage link be removed. That would at least avoid conflict, and leave the question open: Either in the wiki tree (Simon should read Jean), or in the Armorial (Father Simon, not Jean). Regards, Martin Courtier

Aurigny story pictures

Hi Mike,

I'm writing a book on the history of Aurigny Air Services and noticed the pictures on The Aurigny story article, in particular the photograph of G-BEVT taking off from the beach in Jersey.

I was wondering where you sourced these and whether it might be possible to have any higher resolution copies?

My email address is .

Many thanks,


Honeymoon Island, Jersey, 19650's - 1960's -------------------

Hi Mike, I'm working for a french production company, and we're producing a documentary's serie about love in France from 1789. A lot of French couples went in the island of Jersey during the XXth century, and we are looking for photographs or films of this period, in Jersey.

You have some pictures here on the website : But it's hard to know to whom do the picture belong, and we need to find the owners. Could you help me to contact the owners of the pictures ? Do you know where they come from ?

Thank you very much for you help, Looking forward to hear from you, Charlotte Ballet-Baz

Wests Centre

Hi Mike

I am putting together a property brochure for a new development on the site of Wests Cinema - We would like to use this image of the cinema in a marketing brochure - Would you be willing to licence the image to us? and could you let me know if you have a higher resolution copy?



I am afraid that I cannot provide a higher resolution copy. I suspect that this is a Jersey Evening Post image, but I cannot be certain

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