Vautier family members who served in World War 1

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Vautier family members who served in the Great War


Herbert Adolphus Vautier (1894- ) a Jerseyman who served in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force

Three members of the family lost their lives while serving in the armed forces and a further 23 saw active service in World War 1.

The dates shown are often birth or baptism dates from our database, not necessarily those shown on service records, and parishes shown are parish of birth, where known, not the parish in which individuals were living when they joined up.

Notes on our list, abbreviations used etc

Vautier brothers in 1919 after the war - Herbert Adolphus, Francis George, Gordon, Jack and Adolphus

Sons of Thomas and Edith Vautier

  • John Raymond Vautier (1895-1916) Sergeant, Essex Regiment, died of wounds
  • Arthur Egbert MC (1896- ) (St H) Lieutenant, RGA, Military Cross citation, April 1918: ' duty. When a direct hit destroyed a truck of ammunition and started a fire in another, and wounded five men, he helped to organise a party to remove the wounded, and then helped to put out the fire. On another occasion he helped to save an ammunition "dump from destruction by fire.
  • Edwin Thomas Vautier (1893- ) (St H) Lieutenant, RAF

Sons of Adolphus and Julia Loveday Dowington, of St Helier

Sons of Charles Vautier and Alice

  • George Alfred Vautier (1896- ) (St P) Private, RAOC
  • John Charles Vautier (1894- ) (St P), Private RAOC

  • Francis Louis Alexandre Vautier (St H), Rifleman, Royal Irish Rifles, wounded
  • John Vautier (1893- ) (St O), Private, RAMC
  • John Seale Vautier (St B) Private, Devon Regiment
  • John Syvret Vautier (St J), Private, Devon Regiment
  • Philip Henry Vautier (St P) Private DCLI
  • Pierre Vautier (1898- ) (Gr) son of Arsene and Marie, Private, Devon Regiment
  • Reginald Arthur Vautier (1883- ) (St H), son of Francis and Julia, Gunner RFA
  • Stanley Arthur Vautier (St H), Private, Gordon Highlanders
  • Walter Vautier (St H), Private, RJGB
  • Waverley Webb Vautier (1894- ) (St H) son of Edward and Sophia, Lieutenant, South Staffordshire Regiment
  • William Vautier (1883- ) Mercantile Marine
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