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By Ellen Miller-Vibert

Gaspé settlement

My ancestors came from Jersey in 1824 and settled on the Gaspé Coast, Quebec, Canada. Peter Vibert was only 24 and came to the Gaspé Coast as a ship builder hired by a captain of schooners in that area. Peter married Judith Ingrouville from Guernsey, built a 27-room house and had eight children. When Judith died he remarried Sarah Bunton of the Gaspé Coast and had three more children.

My grand-dad James Vibert was of the second family. He inherited the large house and had 24 children. My dad was also named James. I was born in the house, which still stands.

My dad always wanted to go to Jersey, but never got there, so in 2004 my husband and I travelled to the island for the first time. What a thrill it was for me. At that time I was able to trace my Vibert ancestors back to the 1600s in St Ouen, the house my great-grandfather lived in and the church where he was baptised in St Mary.

I also met Colin Vibert of St Clement and Ken Vibert of St Ouen as well as Trevor Vibert, also of St Ouen. I fell in love with the island and the people. When I returned to Canada I started planning a Vibert reunion on the Gaspé Coast which is about 1000 miles from where I live now in Kemptville, Ontario. About 200 people joined us for a full week of fun in August 2005 and Ken Vibert and his wife Beryl came to the coast to represent Jersey. It was a great gesture on their part.


In 2008 Ken Vibert and his wife Beryl entertained us for a full week in May in Jersey. Two of my cousins and husbands joined us from Washington State, USA and a cousin from Montreal and his wife. We were spoiled rotten. Ken had a 12-seater van and every morning around 6:30 we were on the road to new adventure. We visited most of the island, fish dinners, visit to Mont St Michel in France, to St Ouen’s Manor with Philip Malet de Carteret, the States Buildings where we were welcomed by the Speaker of the House, interviewed on BBC, visits castles, many nurseries, war museum, winery, restaurants, Vibert homes, etc. etc.

The JEP covered the story of our week which is now framed and hanging in my B&B. Our history has been traced back to 1204, with gaps, of course, and Trevor Vibert who was instrumental in compiling a lot of this data was kind enough to have this displayed the evening that a Vibert Reunion was held in the St Ouen Parish Hall.

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