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Walter Gallichan

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Walter Matthew Gallichan was an Edwardian author
on sex education, travel and angling

Born in 1861 in St Helier, Walter was the son of Jean (John) Gallichan (1816- ) and Elizabeth White of Reading. He was the half-brother of Edward Gallichan. who established the Gallichan jewellery business at 16 Royal Square in 1845. He died on November 27, 1946 in Somerset, England at the age of 85.


He wrote under the name Walter M Gallichan and also under the pseudonyms of Geoffrey Mortimer and M Secundus. His brother, Frederick Henry, was an illustrator for some of Walter’s many books, particularly those on birds.

Walter was regarded as a pioneer of sex education in the 19th Century and was often at odds with mainstream societal values. He was an advocate of outdoor country sports and his writings demonstrated his knowledge of a variety of topics such as fishing, ornithology, health and personal relationships. He wrote only a few fiction books with perhaps the best known being Like Stars That Fall (1895). His other fiction works were: The Conflict Of Owen Prytherch (1905); A Soul From The Pit (1907); and The Veil And The Vision (1924).

Move to England

Walter was privately educated in Reading and, in the 1891 UK census, was listed as residing at 10 Eldon Road, St Giles, Berkshire, England. He was described as Author and Journalist in this census.

He was married three times. His first wife was Ada Elizabeth White whom he married on April 24, 1889 in Reading. His second marriage was to the popular early 20th Century writer, Catherine Gasquoine Hartley (1867-1928). Catherine was born in Antananarivo, Madagascar and appeared to share many interests with Walter including a love of Spain and the Spanish culture.

They married in June 1901 in Middlesex and together they embarked on travel throughout France, Spain and Portugal and both became well-known travel writers. Catherine also made a name for herself as an art critic and wrote many books including Moorish Cities (1906); The Cathedrals of Southern Spain (1906); and Things Seen in Spain (1911).They divorced in 1915 and Walter married for the third time, in March 1916, to Norah Kathleen Mutch.

Walter was granted a Civil List pension in 1934 and died in 1946. A plaque commemorating his life can be seen on a house on the west corner of Peirson Place and the Royal Square in St Helier. It reads: ‘the author Walter Mathew [sic] Gallichan’, who was born there above the silversmith’s shop in 1861".

List of Walter M. Gallichan's books

  • Like Stars That Fall (fiction 1895)
  • Tales from the Western Moors (1895),
  • Fishing In Wales (writing as Geoffrey MORTIMER) [1903/05]
  • The Story Of Seville [1903]
  • Fishing And Travel In Spain [1904]
  • Practical Hints On Angling, In Rivers, Lakes, And Sea [1904]
  • Fishing In Derbyshire And Around [1905]
  • Cheshire [1905/21]
  • The Conflict Of Owen Prytherch [fiction|1905]
  • The Complete Fisherman [1907]
  • A Soul From The Pit [fiction 1907]
  • The Trout Waters Of England [1908]
  • Modern Woman And How To Manage Her [1909]
  • Old Continental Towns [1910]
  • Where Trout Abound [1911]
  • British Birds, Their Nests And Eggs, And How To Name Them [1914]
  • The Soldiers' English And French Conversation Book [1914]
  • Women Under Polygamy [1915]
  • How To Love [1915]
  • The Religion Of Kindness [1916]
  • Fishing Waters & Quarters in Wales [1916]
  • The Great Unmarried [1916]
  • The Psychology Of Marriage [1917]
  • Life Enjoyable [1917]
  • Letters To A Young Man On Love And Health [1919]
  • A Textbook Of Sex Education For Parents And Teachers [1919]
  • The Critical Age Of Woman [1920]
  • Youth And Maidenhood [1920]
  • Our Invisible Selves [1921]
  • Youth's Secret Conflict [1921]
  • The Veil And The Vision [fiction 1924]
  • The Happy Fisherman [1926]
  • Pitfalls Of Marriage [1926]
  • Sexual Apathy And Coldness In Women [1927]
  • The Sterilization Of The Unfit [1929]
  • The Poison Of Prudery [1929]
  • Youthful Old Age [1929]
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